We offer an expert piano restoration and repair service
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We also offer an expert piano repair and restoration service to both private and trade clients. Although the majority of our work comes from Devon and the South of England, this is a specialist trade and we also welcome enquiries from further afield. With many years’ experience, our extensive range of piano restoration and repair services ensures that we not only meet, but exceed client expectations.

We are a family business with a small and talented team and value our clients and their pianos very highly. Our work is extremely skilled and encompasses all areas and techniques, including casework, strungback (soundboard, frame and strings), lyres (pedal mechanisms), and of course piano actions and keyboards.

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From a sticky note to a complete transformation, all our work is tailored to clients’ particular requirements. We prefer to retain original parts wherever possible. However, many years of wear and tear can necessitate like for like replacement with specialist or bespoke parts. We either make or source parts from our wide network of UK and European contacts. All of our staff are pianists and we are extremely discerning about touch and tone quality.

In addition to all internal technical work, we offer re-polishing services, from traditional French polish to contemporary coloured lacquer.


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